Artist Statement for IN MOTION

Highland Center for the Arts

June 10 - July 24, 2022

Since the early 80s I have been drawn to the empty, yet evocative spaces of Asian ink paintings, to the energies and emotions of African American improvised music, and to the creative possibilities of Western abstraction. Seeking ways to combine open spaces, rhythmic vitality, and color, over the years I have sought to develop my own visual language.

When I improvise with line and color, watching energies, emotions and rhythms come into being, I keep an eye on the empty space out of which they, like us, arise. Creating these paintings, I feel myself alive in the mysterious experience of being human, and I hope others viewing my work can experience the joy and mystery of that experience, with all its suffering and all its unknowns, as well.

This exhibit at Highland Center for the Arts includes works from about 20 years ago to the present, works which show the various ways in which I have explored and developed these themes.